Wednesday, February 22, 2006

my thanks

in case no one mentions it, i'd like to thank the taiwanese, malaysians, americans and people who are helping/helped in the rescue efforts in samar. you make your country proud.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


i took a peek at the headlines today. i saw american soldiers helping out looking/digging for survivors in the landslide in southern leyte. many, many thanks for your help. i, for one, am very appreciative. edit: a big thank you to the malaysians as well.

i also read that a "warning" bomb went off inside the malacanang compound where the president holds office. it was planted by philippine rebel soldiers.

as a pinoy, who do you think i would respect more? the american soldiers helping out filipinos in samar or the philippine rebel soldiers who wants arroyo out by planting and setting off a bomb?

is this how you rebel soldiers will govern when or if you take over the government? "ay. there's something wrong in that area. let's set off a bomb." duh. nakakahiya kayo.

its stupid as stupid can get. why don't you guys be more useful and help in samar? people will look up to you. as of now, you jerks are just a bunch of power-grabbing dirt.