Sunday, May 14, 2006

know it all?

"I think we should do everything not to allow it to be shown," Ermita told reporters in a news briefing Wednesday.
ugh. here we go again. we have a pinoy here deciding for me if i can or cannot see a movie. this time its the da vinci code.

who are you to decide for me? who died?

i'm of legal age. i think i can decide for myself if this movie is really blasphemous or not. and unlike you, i have read the book. twice. and i'm still a practicing catholic by choice.
"I don't see how we as a Catholic nation or as practicing Catholics would ever tolerate such a plot to be propagated in the name of freedom of expression," he said.
in case you haven't guessed yet. you're too late. the book has been printed and a movie has been made. the material the movie was based on has been readily available for years.

i have read holy blood, holy grail. and, by my choice, i'm still a practicing catholic.
Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, a senior leader of the dominant Roman Catholic church in the Philippines has already launched a campaign to have the film banned, ahead of its planned opening across Asia on May 18.
well, someone thought that the idea of the world not being the center of the universe was blasphenous and deemed it necessary to excomunicate the person who thought about it. it took the roman catholic church more than a thousand years to realize its mistake and offer an apology. do you really want to make another stupid mistake?

again. i am of age. i can decide for myself. i did not vote for you to decide for me.

mind your place.