Tuesday, August 25, 2009

classrooms or dinner?

we don't have enough money for classrooms because somebody is too busy spending a million pesos on dinner.

hmmm... how many classrooms do you think we can make from one or two million pesos? (they had two dinners, right?)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

bayani's flooding improvement

it rained heavily this early morning for about two hours. there was loud thunder and lightning. the skies poured a lot of water onto manila and left more than 12 inches on the streets. this is the second time it happened this year. in the previous years, if my observations are correct, the flood levels would reach 9 to 10 inches. and this was after bayani fernando of the metro manila development authority (mmda) was tasked to improve the flooding in metro manila. and this task has a huge budget attached to it.

now i am asking what happened to all that money and if it was wasted on bayani. i'd like to know, if no one else does. he should be accountable for spending the people's money--as is everyone else who does.

if bayani calls the more than two-inches increase in flood waters and "improvement" then i shudder to think what would happen to the country if gets elected to office. he should be replaced already.

p.s. i saw a couple of guys pass by in front of the house paddling in a yellow kayak. the flood waters are that bad

update: its been 12 hours since the skies poured its axiety and there's still about six inches of floodwaters on the streets. did bayani really do his job? it doesn't appear like it. do you think he will do his job when he gets elected for office? i certainly don't think so.