Tuesday, August 25, 2015

balikbayan boxes

To Customs Chief Alberto Lina:

Has the smugglers gotten too big and too difficult to catch?

And you thought that Balikbayan boxes are easier prey?

The quota from the Palace has been upped?

Lazy basterds.

the ofws

“Filipinos leave their country to work abroad because they have to, not because they have no opportunities in their country.”

-- PNoy

I do not know why the Philippines is graced with an idiot for a president

Filipinos leave their country  to work abroad because the opportunities in their own country does not pay enough to cover everything they need in life. If the opportunities paid enough they we will stay.

That's the simple explanation. Gets mo?

Compare salaries here and abroad for a domestic helper or a basic construction worker then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get my drift. If not then please do not assume you can speak for the OFWs because you’re not one of us.

Monday, August 24, 2015

DMCI's Torre de Manila (aka Dick)

Ah DMCI. You’ve pushed it to see how far you can get away with it. It was obvious from the lack of paper trail that you left behind. You cut corners. You may have paid some asswipe in city hall to expedite matters so that by the time anyone notices it’ll be too late. Well, congratulations DMCI. Now everyone can see your ‘dick’ from Luneta Park.

And now that construction has been halted, you put your efforts into damage control. Of course you have to protect the millions that you’ve poured in constructing your ‘dick’. Suggestions to keep your ‘dick’ up varied from putting up a reflective glass around it (think reflective condom) to turning the Rizal monument 180 degrees. Both ideas have their merits (zero) but in the end, not as elegant as building implosions. Visit that link from the Wiki, it has nice GIFs of grown buildings coming down in seconds. I found it fascinating.

From this point on, everyone will know that all your efforts to keep your ‘dick’ up is just to save the money you put into it. You got greedy. It is just unfortunate that you do not have any balls to admit your mistake.


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