Sunday, August 07, 2016


Bongbong Marcos (no Dears please),

You have been going around the country telling people who are willing to listen that you have been cheated from the position of Vice-President of the Philippines. Boo-hoo. You have always been a cry baby (just ask your sisters). As far as I see you're the only one making noise about being cheated on in the last election. Personally, I do not think you even deserve the position. History is my basis. You grew up with your dictator father and lived under his wing. I have heard rumors that you were abusive then but then again, rumors are rumors and they do deserve that grain of salt. But that's another story for another day. Anyway, you grew up with Dictator Daddy and news about abuses of martial law are rampant. What did you do? Nothing, as far as I can remember. You did nothing. You stood aside and let the injustice happen. You let it happen. You could have done something but you didn't.

That's on you.

No. You do not deserve to be the second-in-command so cry all you want. We're done with you.

Now, about your father...

#NotoMarcos #Bongbong

The List

It was certainly an interesting morning today. The List finally came out and I know at least one of the names there. It has been the rumors for years now and confirmation came in trickles. But Amante's name is there where it belongs.

I like this Philippine president. He's got balls. The following week will be full of denials (while they attempt to flee). Maybe one or two will man up and turn themselves in. Maybe some of them will fight it out. Let's see.

I'm stocking up on popcorn. With butter please.

#DU30 #notodrugs

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Government of China, Vacation is over

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said at the CSIS in Washington , D.C. that China is a member of the international community and that it abides by international law.

Dude (I am referring to you, Wang Yi), just in case you did not notice, the people you are talking to are not stupid like you assume them (or us) to be. We all know that China does not own Scarborough Shoal where some of its military personnel are taking a vacation in. News to you? Well, its not news to the international community which you claim China is a member of and abide by its rules. So, get this:

Vacation's over dude. Its time to LEAVE the Shoals.

And please, please, stop the lying and the propaganda for the Chinese government. You're just making the Chinese people look bad to the international community.

p.s. I make the distinction that the Chinese government and the Chinese people are two separate entities where the stupid views of the former does not reflect the views of the other.

reference: from DFA

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

balikbayan boxes

To Customs Chief Alberto Lina:

Has the smugglers gotten too big and too difficult to catch?

And you thought that Balikbayan boxes are easier prey?

The quota from the Palace has been upped?

Lazy basterds.

the ofws

“Filipinos leave their country to work abroad because they have to, not because they have no opportunities in their country.”

-- PNoy

I do not know why the Philippines is graced with an idiot for a president

Filipinos leave their country  to work abroad because the opportunities in their own country does not pay enough to cover everything they need in life. If the opportunities paid enough they we will stay.

That's the simple explanation. Gets mo?

Compare salaries here and abroad for a domestic helper or a basic construction worker then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get my drift. If not then please do not assume you can speak for the OFWs because you’re not one of us.

Monday, August 24, 2015

DMCI's Torre de Manila (aka Dick)

Ah DMCI. You’ve pushed it to see how far you can get away with it. It was obvious from the lack of paper trail that you left behind. You cut corners. You may have paid some asswipe in city hall to expedite matters so that by the time anyone notices it’ll be too late. Well, congratulations DMCI. Now everyone can see your ‘dick’ from Luneta Park.

And now that construction has been halted, you put your efforts into damage control. Of course you have to protect the millions that you’ve poured in constructing your ‘dick’. Suggestions to keep your ‘dick’ up varied from putting up a reflective glass around it (think reflective condom) to turning the Rizal monument 180 degrees. Both ideas have their merits (zero) but in the end, not as elegant as building implosions. Visit that link from the Wiki, it has nice GIFs of grown buildings coming down in seconds. I found it fascinating.

From this point on, everyone will know that all your efforts to keep your ‘dick’ up is just to save the money you put into it. You got greedy. It is just unfortunate that you do not have any balls to admit your mistake.


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Thursday, February 17, 2011

response to the annoucement before holy communion

it is with some amusement that i read the announcement before holy communion at the santuario de san jose requesting parishioners not receive holy communion until they go to confession and renounce the rh bill.

for the record i have not received holy communion for some years now. i also have not gone to confession for a little over two decades. i do not feel the need to.

i have always believed that if i truly am sorry for my sins that my god will forgive me because he is god. i also believe that god lives in me and part of me in god. i try to look for god in each person as well as in me. and i ask him if i am fit to receive holy communion. its not always a 'yes' but each time i receive a silent reply i say a prayer of thanks and forgiveness and i look forward to the next opportunity.

as to the cardinals, please do not make the mistake of equating the pope to god. there simply is no comparison. the pope is still a man, after all.

so come sunday i will go to mass with my family and i will ask god who resides in me if i am worthy to receive holy communion. and i will say a prayer of thanks and forgiveness.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

shameless basterds

garcia is guilty. put him in jail already. let him rot there. our soldiers do not deserve this kind of treatment. gutierrez (ombudsman), espina and carague (coa) should be publicly shamed. and how can i trust ucpd anymore?

shameless bastards.

and heidi mendoza should be the one heading the coa instead of that idiot.

heidi mendoza photo by vera

wow. an honest person heading the commission on audit. imagine that.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

quit while you're ahead

sigh. some people don't really know when to stop. listen carefully. i work for you 9 to 5, twice a month. unless there's a-fire-in-the-office emergency sort of thing going on

you don't get to call me after six pm.

that's one of the reasons why someone invented e-mail.