Thursday, February 17, 2011

response to the annoucement before holy communion

it is with some amusement that i read the announcement before holy communion at the santuario de san jose requesting parishioners not receive holy communion until they go to confession and renounce the rh bill.

for the record i have not received holy communion for some years now. i also have not gone to confession for a little over two decades. i do not feel the need to.

i have always believed that if i truly am sorry for my sins that my god will forgive me because he is god. i also believe that god lives in me and part of me in god. i try to look for god in each person as well as in me. and i ask him if i am fit to receive holy communion. its not always a 'yes' but each time i receive a silent reply i say a prayer of thanks and forgiveness and i look forward to the next opportunity.

as to the cardinals, please do not make the mistake of equating the pope to god. there simply is no comparison. the pope is still a man, after all.

so come sunday i will go to mass with my family and i will ask god who resides in me if i am worthy to receive holy communion. and i will say a prayer of thanks and forgiveness.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

shameless basterds

garcia is guilty. put him in jail already. let him rot there. our soldiers do not deserve this kind of treatment. gutierrez (ombudsman), espina and carague (coa) should be publicly shamed. and how can i trust ucpd anymore?

shameless bastards.

and heidi mendoza should be the one heading the coa instead of that idiot.

heidi mendoza photo by vera

wow. an honest person heading the commission on audit. imagine that.