Monday, September 28, 2009

clip their wings already

i think its time to clip their wings. this is going overboard already. do they think that just because her term is about to end that they can get away with it?

this is a photo of mikey arroyo buying liquor while katipunan is flooding. is this really just what a congressman does? then why is he still in office if he doesn't even help?!?! the photo was from facebook.

gma used P800-million emergency fund for foreign trips
maybe this is the reason why she suddenly setup a disaster command post in marikina--to cover this up.

clip their wings already. they're just making things worse.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

mikey and the cookie jar

apparently mikey "sumi" arroyo is suddenly in the limelight. that's not exactly a bad thing if you're an up and coming movie star but its not exactly good if you're a politician trying to hide a suddenly growing portfolio of assets--php 50,000 to 156 million in 16 years according to raissa.

my, it certainly appears that being a congressman is like winning the lotto.

by now, and this is just my assumption, sumi has been given a lecture by his mommy and daddy. public speaking 101. by now, and this is just my assumption, sumi's lawyers are formulating or have already finished a damage control plan.

its a shame really. " sue me..." is not something one would expect from a grandson of diosdado and its not something anyone would expect especially from an "educated" elected official. it is something i would expect from a child caught with one hand inside the cookie jar.

so, sumi, with all this publicity you're getting it doesn't really matter if you get sued or not--although i imagine someone eventually would. people already saw how you reacted when caught in a tight spot and they think you are already guilty.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

how to make millions and get away with it

5 million pesos to more than 75 million pesos within a span of four years. how does one make that kind money in that amount of time?

this has corruption written all over it.

and i'll say it again. we're not stupid. don't even try thinking that we are.

you should be ashamed of yourself mikey. didn't your mother teach you anything?

wait a minute. that wasn't the right question, was it?

sidecars with motors

they are popularly known as the sidecar. but this one is different from the more common pedicab. it doesn't have pedals so you can't exactly call it a pedicab. this is different. this breed has a motor making it a motorized vehicle.

now, unless i am mistaken, all motorized vehicles should be registered with the land tranportation office (lto). properly registered vehicles would then be issued the appropriate vehicle plate number.

these sidecars have a motor installed and they are no plate numbers from the lto indicating that they are not registered. why is that, lto? these things are all over the streets dodging and weaving and doing anything they please. as far as i can remember they popped up on the streets a couple of years ago as a way of transporting vegetables around neighborhoods. and now the metro streets are peppered with them.

what irritates me is that the lto is doing absolutely nothing to regulate these sidecars. were they tested for safety? do the 'drivers' of these things licensed? you can really put blame on the local police (or the mmda) because the lto hasn't said anything regarding sidecars. maybe the lto officers are too ensconced in their air-conditioned offices or their heavily tinted, air-conditioned vehicles to notice or care.

dudes, we are not stupid. stop trying to make us look like we are.

somebody in government is not doing their job (typical). and they're getting paid for it (shameful, really). you'll know its them because they are always the first to deny it.

if the intelligent powers that be are reading this, replace that guy in lto with one that can do the job properly.