Tuesday, January 06, 2009

pangandaman lies

from a local forum:
At this point, Hussein said the situation became violent. Delfin, Hussein said, went to Nasser Pangandaman Jr. and shouted “P_____ i__ m_, hindi mo ba ako kilala? Member ka ba dito? (Don't you know who I am? Are you a member here?)”

“Dela Paz hit the mayor with his umbrella. The mayor’s older brother got the umbrella from Dela Paz. Dela Paz punched the mayor’s brother. Bino Dela Paz grabbed a golf club and hit the mayor. The Pangandamans wanted to leave the golf club when another Dela Paz group attacked the Pangandamans with bats and ice picks at the main clubhouse,” Hussein said.
ugh. i'll tell you what i think. the loca politicians has always been good at making up stories. imagine, a 56-year old guy and a 14-year old boy beating up young and apparently stronger pangandaman, jr. with the latter's body guards around. would you believe this crap? i certainly don't.

and like the politician that he is, he uses the phrase "hindi mo ba ako kilala?". it wasn't used by dela paz. to be honest, i do not care who you are. wala akong pakialam kung sino ka man. meron kang maling ginawa.

and what's this crap about bats and ice picks in the main clubhouse? there were only hand guns from pangandaman's party.

nagsisinungaling yang mga yan.

tatamaan din yan ng lintik. kita mo.

Monday, January 05, 2009

expunge pangandaman

a friend of mine gave me a link to a blog entry where it describes a politician and his friends physically beating up a 56-year old man and a 14-year old boy. from the blog entry, it appears that the mayor of masiu city, lanao del sur -- mayor nasser pangandaman, jr., -- over an altercation on which group of golfers goes ahead of the other, threw the first punch towards a 56-year old man.

a government official throwing the first punch.

and the father of the puncher, the secretary of the department of agrarian reform, who was present at the scene, didn't anything.

does that look like the actions of government officials to you? to anyone?

one was punching out an older man while the father of the one throwing the punches just looked on.

as far as i can tell, these actions doesn't fit any official of the philippine government. these people do not deserve to be in government and therefore i call for these people to be expunged from government.

that is, unless the philippine government actually condones this kind of behavior from its officials. then that would be truly unjust and tragic.

nakakahiya. people actually voted for this guy. by hitting an elder he disrespected the people who voted for him. he broke their trust. is this what your father taught you?

and to the father who just looked, how can i trust your judgment when i know that you were witness to an injustice and you didn't do anything about it? how many other injustices have you witnessed that you kept to yourself. nakakahiya. you do not belong in the cabinet. you and your son do not belong in this country.