Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Government of China, Vacation is over

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said at the CSIS in Washington , D.C. that China is a member of the international community and that it abides by international law.

Dude (I am referring to you, Wang Yi), just in case you did not notice, the people you are talking to are not stupid like you assume them (or us) to be. We all know that China does not own Scarborough Shoal where some of its military personnel are taking a vacation in. News to you? Well, its not news to the international community which you claim China is a member of and abide by its rules. So, get this:

Vacation's over dude. Its time to LEAVE the Shoals.

And please, please, stop the lying and the propaganda for the Chinese government. You're just making the Chinese people look bad to the international community.

p.s. I make the distinction that the Chinese government and the Chinese people are two separate entities where the stupid views of the former does not reflect the views of the other.

reference: from DFA

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