Sunday, August 07, 2016


Bongbong Marcos (no Dears please),

You have been going around the country telling people who are willing to listen that you have been cheated from the position of Vice-President of the Philippines. Boo-hoo. You have always been a cry baby (just ask your sisters). As far as I see you're the only one making noise about being cheated on in the last election. Personally, I do not think you even deserve the position. History is my basis. You grew up with your dictator father and lived under his wing. I have heard rumors that you were abusive then but then again, rumors are rumors and they do deserve that grain of salt. But that's another story for another day. Anyway, you grew up with Dictator Daddy and news about abuses of martial law are rampant. What did you do? Nothing, as far as I can remember. You did nothing. You stood aside and let the injustice happen. You let it happen. You could have done something but you didn't.

That's on you.

No. You do not deserve to be the second-in-command so cry all you want. We're done with you.

Now, about your father...

#NotoMarcos #Bongbong

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